July 27, 2010

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I have received many updates, thoughts, views, discussions, and comments from those who have completed reading Tales of Addiction. I just want to thank everyone who takes the time to email or write me about their feelings... As an author, I am always seeking feedback! Continue to spread the word and pass your copy on to those who might benefit from reading this book. If even one person is guided toward their positive path after reading it, I am grateful.
Love & Light,

July 15, 2010

Two New Reviews!

Two new reviews just in for last two books! The first is on Addiction: What's Really Going On? which was released last year, the second is for Tales of Addiction just released in May.

Dr. Barbara Sinor and Deborah McCloskey are two therapists that work with addiction issues. Upon McCloskey’s death Barbara takes Deborah’s journal and expounds on it in this book of stories of addicts and their journeys through heroin addiction and their progress. Addiction, What’s Really Going On? holds back nothing to let you see the progress of a caseload of patients. This is a fantastic book that lets you into the stories of said addicts. Ms. Sinor is a therapist who happened to be friends with Ms. McCloskey. Dr. Sinor and Ms. McCloskey have given us a glimpse, a very detailed journey, of addicts and their addictions.

I think this book needs to be read by anyone who has a family member on Heroin as it will give a small insight into the world and see that there is hope for some of them. If for some reason you have a friend or family member with these issues THEN THIS IS THE ONE BOOK THAT IS A MUST READ for you. This is a very revealing story which will detail, to you, a journey through addiction and what happens in the progress made in Addiction, What’s Really Going On? This is the one!
Carol Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

In Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery ,Dr. Barbara Sinor writes of other stories, including her and her son’s. It is a well written and posed book that has you crying at other people’s courage in sharing their stories. It even helped me with my own mother's illness of alcoholism.

I am pleased at the detail this book has and I hope that it gets out to those of you who need it. It will give you courage to go through your own processes.
Carol Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

July 13, 2010

Taking a Breath...

Hello everyone,
Thank you for being patient with me these past few weeks - I needed a break from life...:)

I have played in the lake with my daughter and grandson; walked the woods with nature; mediated by a creek; and deep breathed regularly. After the release of the book, my calendar was so full of radio interviews, articles to write, booksignings to attend, and then that last television show, I decided a long rest to re-coop was necessary.

There are still radio interviews coming up which I know will help promote my message but I am also trusting that you all can share your thoughts about Tales of Addiction as well as I can. The book was written for 'you' by people just like 'you' -- this is what will make the book sell and continue to sell for years to come.

If you have read the book, please spread the word to your family and friends, church and schools, colleges and medical personnel. This book has healing energy in it and will bring only positive answers for us all seeking guidance toward a compassionate outlook regarding addiction recovery.

Also, if you have a comment you would like to add to this Blog, please do so! We all want to hear your thoughts... If you want to join my on FaceBook just visit my web site and click the button!
Love & Light,