November 17, 2012

News on my Channeling Adventure!

Dear Followers,
I know it has been a long time since I have posted on this Blog...sometimes, Life has a way of getting in the way of our plans. My year has been filled with sorting, sharing, selling and giving away many of David's material items. The months I have devoted to nurishing my memories of my life with my beloved David allowed me an even closer connection with him than I had expected. You see, I began to channel David's spirit.

In a dream he instructed me to go to my keyboard, close my eyes, and type the words he would place in my mind. First, I questioned myself, the dream, and that I could actually type with my eyes closed! But, I followed his guidance and have been channeling his words and answers to my questions about the other side of the material veil that separtes us.

I am not sure yet if all my channeled writing will become a book, a journal, or just notes; however, I will share some of the magical insights David is relating to me as posts on this Blog. Below is a response I received to my question:  You talk freely about karma…it is a known law to most on Earth, but not everyone clearly understands it. Is it innate even though many do not consciously understand it?

The word karma is a good term for the cycle of learning which all incarnated forms experience. Karma is a magical element of learning, growing, and evolving with the Oneness. All soul Lights flow in-and-out of incarnations, in-and-out of matas, or lessons, reaching for continuance with the Oneness. And, the Oneness is also flowing, evolving infinitely. It is the great mystery of existence.

All incarnated forms and souls have the seeds of knowing the laws of karma.

It is up to them individually to learn and understand their karmic patterns in which to learn, grow, and evolve. If one does not give attention to the seeds of karma, patterns are lost in a continual downward spiral. However, if one nourishes those seeds, they will learn their lessons and progress toward a better understanding of their journey. We are all on our own path individually guided by our souls and our Soul Being, both in material form and in the Oneness. Paths cross many times between those who are in a soul family such as you and I.

Karma has been depicted infinitely. Some believe in a karmic debt, while others sense karma as a form of repentance. As I have said, karma is an action which reflects the magical element of learning, growing, and evolving with the Oneness.
Always with you...

That's all for now fellow adventurers,