September 22, 2010

Uniquely designed for Astaraians!

Uniquely designed for Astara, a non-profit spiritual organization I have belonged to for over thirty years, my beaded Bracelets and Bookmarks are now available! One does not need to be a member to purchase these special items if you feel a connection to them.

Please visit Astara's web site to view and/or purchase these one-of-a-kind pieces. While I make these beaded-beauties, I meditate on the person who will wear or use them to instill a since of peace, joy, and love.

Visit Astara to see the Bracelet:    ASTARA

Visit Astara to see the Bookmark:   ASTARA

If you are interested in learning more about Astara please visit their web site Here: 

My Blessings to you,
More beaded designs:   BarbsBeading!

September 20, 2010

Online Radio Interview

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to let you know to be sure to tune in on this latest online radio interview with Chris Schreoder's Program:

The show will air on Monday, September 27th at 7pm PT. This will be a great show to listen to bringing you insights into why I wrote Tales of Addiction; what my recovery philosophy is about; and an inside personal look at recovery for today. Please write me your comments and tell me your thoughts after hearing this interview!
Love & Light,

September 06, 2010

Interview for You

I had a nice chat with Host Robbie Motter on BlogTalk Radio yesterday. If you would like to listen in, just click here:  Interview Sept. 5th  

Robbie and I knew each briefly while I lived in southern California in the 1990s. We both wrote articles for a lovely women's magazine titled "For You!" Robbie is a great lady with so much energy and knowledge of getting women connected -- such a supportor of women becoming all they can be!

Now that summer is coming to an end, I find myself beginning to enter a "reflection" phase of the year. Fall brings a respite of peaceful leaves truning yellow and nature winding down for a rest. I like to do the same...

2010 has been very busy for me with Tales of Addiction being released and all the promotion that is required when a new book is presented to the public. I have enjoyed many Radio Shows online and off, one local television appearance, many booksigning events, and meeting new people on FaceBook. I still have a few online radio shows coming up and one live radio program which I am excited about. I will be sure to post these here and on my web site:  Inspiration for Recovery 

If you have started reading (or finished) Tales of Addiction, I know your heart has been touched with compassion for all the writers of the addiction stories. To honor them, please go to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble web sites and write your comments about your thoughts and feelings. Sharing your own emotions about reading this book not only honors their path, but also your own.

Here is a link to Amazon's page to write your review--just scroll down to the heading Create a Review: