August 25, 2016

"Finding Destiny" a novel by Barbara Sinor, Ph.D.

Inspirational Self-Help Author Dr. Barbara Sinor Publishes Debut Novel

September 5th, 2016: Dr. Barbara Sinor, renowned author of six inspirational, self-help books, has stepped into the world of fiction with her debut novel Finding Destiny (Loving Healing Press, 2016).

Now retired from counseling and gifting the public with her six non-fiction spiritually inspired self-help books, Sinor digs into writing a poetic tale of fiction that brings her readers nuances of metaphysical instruction and a splash of women’s reproductive rights support.

Finding Destiny is primarily a women’s novel, but there will be many men interested in this book of romance and mystery as two women unravel the challenges on their paths. The story develops with Luana, a retired psychotherapist living in southern California, who discovers a novel about a teenager living in England during the 1970s, who has been raped. As Luana devours the book, she and the young woman each share their search for the innermost harbor of women's life choices.

The seventeen year old British teen is searching for love. She discovers that her choices on her life journey direct her to explore the laws of metaphysics, trusting the right path will appear before her. Luana brings her knowledge of spirituality to embrace the struggles of the young women’s life, and then realizes her own life path has crossed similar challenges. Even though these two women live in separate countries and bridge many decades in time, their individual exploration of metaphysics, spirituality, and women's rights culminates in a mysterious friendship.

Finding Destiny contains two main themes. The storyline subtly conveys the issues surrounding pregnancy and women’s reproductive rights. The book also addresses and references the many ways we can learn about manifesting our lives, or to quote a well known phase, how to co-create our reality.

Sinor uses profound poetic prose in the book to lead her readers into captivating visuals, which propels each character though their ever-changing lives. After completing the first few pages of this exceptional novel, readers will react viscerally and strain forward to discover each character’s journey.

Praise for Finding Destiny

“Finding Destiny nudges us gently to continue our journey of finding our own personal destiny.”
--Barbara Patterson, Soul Matters Radio, Germany

Finding Destiny is an engaging book, exploring connections of people separated by time and space. As a woman who has experienced unplanned pregnancy, I was especially appreciative of the exploration of this theme.”
--Juanita Emery, M.A., Health Practitioner

Finding Destiny is the story of two women whose challenges and triumphs mirror each other in many ways. It is also about transformation and how to achieve it. Through this fictional story, Sinor offers an introduction to metaphysical principles that become the foundation for both women’s strength and power.”
--Reverend Margaret Flick, Unity Minister

Finding Destiny goes beneath the skin; down to the internal turmoil and sacrifices of two women a half century and oceans apart as they, with their best conscience, make life changing and altering decisions.”
--Mary Catherine O’Heart, RN

Book Info:

Title:  Finding Destiny
Author: Dr. Barbara Sinor
Publisher: Marvelous Spirit Press
Publication Date:  September 2016
Genre:  Visionary Fiction
Pages:  250
ISBN: #978-1-61599-299-7 [Paperback] #978-1-61599-301-7 [eBook]


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August 05, 2016

Book Endorsements for "Finding Destiny"

New Book Endorsements for 

Finding Destiny

I am proud to share with my readers a few of the pre-publication Reviews for my upcoming novel! Release date September 1st--

Finding Destiny is an engaging book, exploring connections of people separated by time and space. As a woman who has experienced unplanned pregnancy, I was especially appreciative of the exploration of themes regarding how these women dealt with their decisions about an unexpected pregnancy, and how those decisions affected their lives. Finding Destiny is a positive book, filled with insights and stories of growth and adventure. 
~Juanita Emery, M.A., Health Practitioner

Finding Destiny unfolds a gripping story of intertwining lives that will inspire the reader to tears of anguish, tears of joy and ultimately, revelation. Lessons are learned in forgiving the past and forging the future with the inner strength that comes from trusting one’s self and one’s destiny. The novel’s complex characters are fully fleshed out until they come alive, and Sinor’s exquisite writing style paints pictures in poetic prose that lingers in the mind to be savored again and again. We witness the heroines overcome guilt, fear, and glimpse at how the Universe can work for one’s highest good and growth. When the novel’s journey has wound to an end, it leaves the reader wanting more--I am looking forward to a sequel!
~Paula B. Slater, M.A., Paula Slater Sculpture, author
Beyond Words:  A Lexicon of Metaphysical Thought

Finding Destiny mesmerizes as it wraps itself around your heart. Two women--each on opposite spectrums of the journey of self-discovery–find their lives intertwined in a most unusual way. The entertaining storyline prompts the reader to delve into the depths of their own consciousness. Finding Destiny contains all the elements of a heartwarming novel with rich characters and plot, synchronicities, and a healthy dose of a mesmerizing sea. 
~Trisha Faye, author
A Second Chance and My Wildest Dream 

Finding Destiny invites us to find inspiration and to remember the interconnectedness of all things. One question asks the reader, “When we fall in love, where does the love come from?” This in itself is a great starting point for a reading group; I would love to discuss this question with the author straight away. Finding Destiny addresses the reader’s self-awareness, and Sinor nudges us gently to continue our journey of finding our own personal destiny. Reading the book felt like watching a movie; nail-biting moments, tears, and Goosebumps–all the ingredients a good Hollywood movie needs! I can’t wait for her next novel! 
~Barbara Patterson, Soul Matters Radio, Germany

Finding Destiny--a must read captivating tale! Dr. Sinor beautifully and delicately weaves together the lives of her characters. She gently invites us to remember the invisible threads connecting us across space and time, while encouraging us to listen more deeply within as we welcome the intuitive guidance and perennial wisdom forever available to all who pause but a moment to reflect. Finding Destiny is a timeless journey through tragedy, heartbreak, confusion, and alienation transformed by the healing grace and the love of ones' companions.
~Holly Hand, LMFT, Psychotherapist 


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