May 30, 2011

New Beginnings continued...

Let's continue with the topic of New Beginnings --

After an emotional experience, there will be a time for you to bring your life forward, and to be visible on your present stage of life. Choose options that uplift and inspire you, and whenever possible, engage in positive thinking. It may also be time for a health makeover, a change in environment, or a renewal to your outlook on life. Remember, New Beginnings require us to plant new seeds for our future, so make sure those seeds contain all the ingredients to reflect what you desire for your present and future life.

When renewal and New Beginnings are at hand, we need to clarify what has worked for us and what has not so we can choose only that which takes us forward on our journey. We all have the ability to make minor, or even major breakthroughs any time we choose--this can be an exciting concept! It’s called freedom of choice!! Here is a great affirmation you can use to claim this freedom of choice:

"Today, I make the choice to end a cycle or way of being that is not in alignment with my soul’s desire."

Sometimes, we may say to ourselves that we have tried, we have struggled, and we still have not found a way to begin again. If this is true for you, allow yourself to be open to support and guidance from the physical loved ones around you, and also the non-physical masters, teachers, guides, and angels that are always with you. State your intention out loud in prayer or meditation--keep it positive and simple, such as: ”I am creating the changes I need at this time.” Making this declaration to the Divine Universe, and to yourself, may be the remedy for the stagnation you may be experiencing.

More on New Beginnings next time,