March 12, 2011

Dreams, Intuition, and Metaphysics

I wasn't sure I wanted to post this personal experience, but then after telling it a few times to friends I have decided it may be interesting to others. Many times we disregard our intuitional selves keeping our dreams, visions, insights and hunches to ourselves. But if we are brave enough to share them with others perhaps there would be more like-minded people coming together! So, with this introduction let me tell you the dream I had on the night of the terrible 8.9 Earthquake in Japan. Actually, I realized I was astral traveling!

I was with my husband and daughter walking around Disneyland. My daughter went off in the opposite direction and many other people were very confused. I told my husband I must go look for our daughter and he said, "Okay."
I walked all around seeing people going in many different directions, then I found a sort-of pathway and started down it. I walked for miles but could not find my daughter. Finally, I arrived at a large intersection with five streets coming into it. It was lighted very well with lots of lights and signs and many men were standing around on the corners.
I felt afraid--I was lost. I thought about calling 911 but didn't know if that would work. I had only one "bar" left on my cell phone and was afraid I wouldn't be able to get anyone! I dailed my husband's number. He answered right away and asked, "Where are you?"
I said, "I am lost!"
He asked me to tell him what the street signs said. I looked at them all but they were just "hatch-marks." I could not read them! I told him I could see the Disneyland roller coaster to my right, it looked several miles away. He said he would come try to find me but if he wasn't there in fifteen minutes to try to find a taxi and get back to Disneyland.

Then I woke up!!

That morning I told the dream to my husband and we both laughed. Neither one of us knew of a Disneyland in Japan! But, then I turned on the television to watch the news like we always do in the mornings. The second picture I saw on the screen was hundreds of people sitting on the ground at the Disneyland in Japan!! My husband looked at me and said, "Your dream!!"

I started to cry and felt much pain for the many people I was seeing on the news. No wonder I couldn't read the signs, they were in Japanese! Then I realized my soul (Higher Self) must have been astral traveling in the night to guide many of them.....

I have had many prophetic dreams in my life and this one was as real as if I had been in Japan physically. I believe when there is a need for our Higher Self, our soul, to aid others, it will use all means necessary, even astral travel, to do so. If you had an insightful intuition or dream before or during this horrific event, please share it here or with others. Our soul Self is always trying to guide us if we but listen.....