December 16, 2012

More on my Channeling...

Dear Fellow Adventurers,
I want to share with you my latest channeling communication, details on this channeling can be found by scrolling down. My dear friend, Barb, is recoverying from recent brain surgery which has brought me to feel extreme feelings of "loss." With my son's death in 2009, then our family dog Goldie, and most recently my husband David, I found myself wrapped in emotions of loss and the many questions this brings. I decided to ask during my channeling why and how do I deal with such feelings. Let me share with you now the insightful words:

I have to talk with you about Barb P. and my feelings about “loss.” How can I deal with all these emotions?

Always here Barbara…loss is a great awakening lesson. Loss has been in your life for many purposes. You are a beacon of Light on how to deal with loss…others follow your lead. When you react to loss, there is a factor you must consider…nothing is lost. No soul, no item of material worth, no natural thing can be lost.

On Earth there is a field of reality that says, “Pain must follow loss.” This field is a human quality developed over eons of time on Earth. In the beginning, people did not react so to their loss of another, or of things. As the Earth evolved, humans’ emotional states needed to experience the emotional cycle of all feelings. One of these is the feeling of loosing someone close, or loosing a material item of great value to them. Loss is merely a feeling…remember you can control your feelings Barbara.

After I left, you felt terrible loss…but now the loss emotion is not so strong. You have developed your life into a natural functioning pattern without me…and without others you loved who have passed to the Oneness. Your ability as a human being is to allow yourself the feelings, the emotions you have…study them, feel them, and allow yourself to release those emotions which no longer serve you. Your feelings of loss for Barb at this time is for what your relationship was, and could have been, had she not experienced the physical trauma she has recently. Hold your feelings to you now, experience them, study them, then allow yourself the gift of releasing what you no longer need as the time passes.

Remember it is you, not Barb that feels this loss…she is the stronger fighting for her life. See her as the great soul Light that she is…your pain will ease as you recognize her struggle as one she must experience to attain her mata [lesson].

Always with you...

Thank you for being with me dear readers,