August 03, 2013

Mid-Summer Catch Up!

Happy August Everyone!

I am not sure where the summer has gone, but there is only one more month of it!

My life has been consumed with writing! Not that I am complaining, I love to write. In fact, sometimes I can’t believe how easily my words are flowing to me lately.

I have completed The Pact and I am busily working on Finding Destiny. These two books are miles apart in theme and writing technique; the latter title is my first stab at writing a fiction novel. There is certainly an unique approach to writing a fiction as apposed to a nonfiction book. Because there are characters in a fiction book, the author needs to be sure to introduce and describe each one so the reader can visualize them. Then there is the necessity to tell the reader where, when, why, and how the characters are involved in the story.

My days are spent writing in the mornings; eating lunch in or going out with friends; writing a bit more if the muse moves me; and then, settling down for the evening. Since I am not counseling any longer, my time is pretty much my own!

I did take some time off to join my daughter and grandson at Laguna Beach again this year. We had a great vacation together! My family has been addicted to the SoCal beaches for generations and I still love to visit when I can. Those of you who are my FaceBook friends have seen some of the photographs from those peaceful ten days.

Just to keep whetting your reading appetites, here is a bit more from my book, The Pact:

“I awoke with a jerk, keeping my eyes closed so I would not forget the dream so fresh in my consciousness. As I lay in bed remembering the visions of a lifetime from so long ago, I gently opened my eyes while reaching for the pen and tablet I purposefully laid out the night before. Eagerly, I began to write. I wrote for hours early that morning and again late into the night. I knew from past experience that if I did not go-with-the-flow of a writer’s vision, it would be tucked in the recesses of my mind only to be lost forever. So, I wrote down all I could remember of the convincing dream I had experienced early that morning.”

Until my next post, sweet dreams everyone!