July 13, 2015

Another Quote from "Finding Destiny"

Here is another quote from my manuscript:

Finding Destiny

"Luana hoped one day, when she was an old woman, her manuscript would transform into a complete book and be published. She felt the insights would help enlighten those who wished to learn more about the unseen world of mystics and mediums. She had no title for the manuscript, only pages filled with explorations of spiritual challenges that the reader could easily identify. There were no words like quantum physics, or such elevated language as existentialism to cloud the real nuts and bolts surrounding journeys of reincarnation and extra sensory perception that was being addressed. Only laymen’s words would be included in her metaphysical literary concept. She imagined when the volume was complete, the information that poured from her consciousness would bring comfort to those who might be sitting rigid on the proverbial fence as to whether a soul really exists, or if humans can actually use their intuitive abilities to predict the future. Whatever her book offering provided its reader, Luana would be content knowing that she had taken the risk to reveal her spiritual beliefs to the world.
Luana closed her eyes to ruminate on the direction her manuscript would follow. As if magic, her subconscious mind fed the words to her conscious awareness as she typed:
Awake! Be the witness to your thoughts. These wise words were spoken by Gautama Buddha. They are similar to the anonymous words etched on a plaque hanging on my kitchen wall: To make your dreams come true…Wake Up! Both of these quotes command that as human beings, we must become aware of our spiritual selves--the larger Self within that is connected to a Higher Power or Divine Being. Many call this spiritual aspect of our consciousness, a soul. To define this quality notable only beyond words, many use terms like true Self, inner Self, the small voice within, or God-Self. Whatever name given to this unseen yet many times felt soul dimension, we accept the gift of enlightenment when we become aware of its connection. Once enlightened, or awaken to the knowledge that we are a spark emanating from the Oneness of Infinity, we can learn to create our dreams and our reality.
Luana continued writing late into the night to allow the words to flow from her consciousness onto the keyboard as her fingers typed unrelentingly for hours. After several dozen pages had been added to her manuscript, Luana took a deep breath and lowered her hands from the lettered keys. “Sometimes I feel as if I am channeling these words!” she whispered to herself. It was well past her regular bedtime, but there was an inner persistence edging her to continue writing. Once again, Luana posed her fingers over the magical computer keys and listened to the words as they hummed their song. It was a mixture of automatic writing and her conscious searching for truth that found its way onto her computer’s screen that night. A mixture of educational, experiential, and esoteric knowledge formed uncounted pages of spiritual wisdom for the manuscript that Luana, one day, would claim as her life‘s work."
copyright @ BSinor 2015

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