February 21, 2010

Countdown Updates!

I promised you another Advance Review for Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery this week--and it is posted below.

As this book’s release date nears, I have been asked to appear on several online radio programs to discuss my reasons for writing this healing book. Part of my answer to that question is that most of my counseling career has been centered around helping those adults who have been abused in some form (physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually) in their childhood. I drew to my practice mostly women who had been sexually abused as a child, no doubt, because of my book Gifts From the Child Within which introduces the "Re-Creation" process of releasing and re-creating traumatic experiences. While working with this group of individuals, I found obvious links between childhood abuse and substance abuse. Large percentages of those who abuse children are under the influence of drug and/or alcohol; and, those who were abused in childhood many times enter adulthood with an addiction. As my practice grew over the years, it became necessary for me to address drug and alcohol addiction in one form or another. Within Tales of Addiction, I share many of the insights I learned from my patients about addiction, as well as, my personal experiences of being a mother of an alcoholic.

The following Review is from the Executive Director of the National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery, Joycelyn Woods, M.A. It captures much of my own feelings about not placing blame or shame upon the person addicted to drugs or alcohol. I feel honored that Tales of Addiction has received such an enlightened Review!

Tales of Addiction contains stories of the heart. Many people suffer from problems with drugs but they do not start out that way. In that respect, anyone is a candidate for a drug problem, however, some are able to see danger while others do not until they are in so deep that they cannot get out. The public needs to understand that we must stop blaming addicts for their addiction, as drug problems are no different than other chronic diseases. Society must offer support and make sure that treatment is available for anyone who needs it. I hope that readers of Tales of Addiction will find comfort, especially if they have lost someone close to drug addiction.”
~Joycelyn Woods, M.A., C.M.A., Executive Director, NAMA
National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

As the day awakens, I feel spring coming. The still winter-bare trees stand tall, naked to the sun peeking over the hill. My birds gather readily before their feeder seeking the seeds which they know I will provide. Today is Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate the Love within us and to share that Love with others. This is also a good time to celebrate our Divine Love, connecting with that Something More which sustains our lives. Today, allow yourself to greet one person you do not know with kindness, with Divine Love. The very next person you see today, or tomorrow if the weather keeps you inside, say “hello” and offer your smile as a gift of spiritual compassion.

Ten weeks to publication! Ten weeks until all you wonderful people who have been following this book’s countdown will be able to read Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery. My heart is warm with gratitude for your support and response to this Blog and offering your comments.

Next week, I will post another supportive Advance Review for Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery as we wait for its release!
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

February 08, 2010

"Tales of Addiction" Countdown Continues!

The fact that I soon will have five books published amazes me! That readers around the globe have been touched by my writing, fills my soul with grateful acceptance. Now, with the release of Tales of Addiction coming soon, I feel the excitement of butterflies within and the private expectation of wondering how my words will touch others. As the publication of this next healing book nears, I find myself filled with both excitement and the challenge of sharing much of my personal life with the public. I can only pray this private sharing will help those who might be going through similar events.

As I receive the Advance Reviews for Tales of Addiction which keep pouring in from those who have had a chance to preview the book, my heart warms to help curb any doubts my mind may have brought to my consciousness regarding my sharing my son's struggle with alcoholism. The following comments come from a well known television personality who has hosted the program “Intervention 911.” Dr. Ken Seeley is also the author of the book Face It and Fix It. I am very grateful for his kind words:

Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery is a collection of real life stories that chronicle not only the pain of addiction but also show the healing power of recovery. These heart-wrenching and ultimately heartwarming stories, provide the inspiration for each one of us to know that recovery works.”
Ken Seeley, Ph.D., Intervention 911 Television Program
Author, Face It and Fix It

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