December 17, 2013

Announcing Book Cover Art

Introducing the book cover art and artist for the upcoming book by Dr. Barbara Sinor, The Pact: Messages from the Other Side.

Professional photographer Jeff Tangen of Lake County, California is the artist providing the photogaph art for Dr. Sinor's newest book being released in April of 2014. The photograph location is of Clearlake, the largest fresh water lake in California, located in northern California's Lake County.

To view this photo please go to Sinor's web site page introducing this intriging book:

"The Pact: Messages from the Other Side"

Web site for Jeff Tangen:  Jeff Tangen Photogaphy

December 06, 2013

Back Cover Blurb!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!
Many of you have asked me how I received the channeled words from my dear departed husband, David. I will share with you a paragraph I added to the Introduction of the book which explains this; there is also more details about my channeling toward the back of the book.

"How did I receive the channeled words so clearly from my departed husband? As I sat at my computer each session, I allowed myself to leave my body insomuch as to join with the silence within my mind. In this state of consciousness, I closed my eyes and listened only to the birds singing outside my office window. I also realized a not-so-silent inner-ego, which I found I had to tame to make sure I did not change any of David’s channeled words. Here is where I met my beloved--between the worlds. I released all form of doubt; I released my questioning of what I was undertaking, and all fears of failing to hear David’s words stream through my mind. When I had allowed myself to be in this frame of silence…David’s words tumbled into my senses. His words came like a flood targeting their own destination of my waiting fingertips posed gently, but firmly, against the letters on my keyboard."

The luanch for The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is still on time--April 2014. The book's cover art has been chosen, and here is what the back cover quote states:

"The Pact: Messages from the Other Side takes the reader on an adventure through time while weaving tales of love and determination. A vow between the author and her husband finds us tracing the steps of present and past lifetimes devoted to uncovering the mysterious cycles of life, birth, death, and rebirth. Barbara shares the stories of some of her past lives and the insight she gained by channeling her departed husband’s words. She shares lifetimes spent in Atlantis and Egypt, as well as, many other time periods. Barbara’s stories resonate with readers because of their integrity, detail, documentation, and the sincerity with which they are expressed. Join the author as she searches with her departed husband to reveal their souls’ explorations through time and space. The Pact is a fascinating mixture of contemporary memoir and past life narratives reconstructed to allow the reader a glimpse into the metaphysics of life."

Keep checking in for the latest updates!!
Have a blessed Holiday Season,

December 01, 2013

New Book Endorsement from a FaceBook friend!

I received this wonderful endorsement from a FaceBook friend the other day! I am filled with gratitude:

"Barbara Sinor!!!! I have purchased most of your books for my daughter (15) and I bought An Inspirational Guide for the Recovering Soul as a gift to the girls (at my daughter's therapeutic school) to read a passage before dinner. I was SO SURPRISED TO SEE YOU SIGNED IT!!! What a wonderful added surprise and THAT is the one (since I bought 3 as gifts) that I will give to the family leaders today at Thanksgiving. How about that for living in the spirit and touching those around you. PS; Your Gifts from the Child Within book is making great inroads for my daughter. Thank you again for giving back and may you be blessed mulitplied for blessing us with your gift of wellness!!" Caren

The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is going through its final edits!! I also have picked out the book's cover photo from a great Lake County photographer. The photo he took is very mysterious and beautiful -- I will post it here as soon as I get the okay from my publisher...:)

Try to stay calm during this holiday rush--enjoy the wondrous mood of all around you,

November 01, 2013


New web site page for The Pact: Messages from the Other Side 

Check out the updated information regarding my upcoming book! The cover photo is being designed now and the final edits are underway. Here's a link to the book's page on my web site:

Enjoy reading about this amazing story of how I discovered many of my past lifetimes and the fascinating channeling about heaven. 

Love & Light,

October 21, 2013

The Pact updates....

Hello Adventurers!
I have some great news! The pre-publication Reviews are still coming in as The Pact: Messages from the Other Side undergoes final edits by my publicher. We are also working on the cover photography!

I received a very supportive review from Jeff Brown, the author of Soulshaping, which I think would make a great quote for the cover. Tell me what you think; here it is:

The Pact is a beautifully written illumination of the thin veil between souls and incarnations. We truly do walk within, beside, and toward one another every step of the way. Highly recommended!”
~Jeff Brown, author
Soulshaping and Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground

Soon, I will start the process of choosing the cover photo and will be asking for your opinions. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

September 29, 2013

Addition to the Intro

Fall came too fast for this sun worshiper! The good news is I am receiving many of the pre-publication Reviews for The Pact--and they are all positive!!

Also, I have added a paragraph to the book's Introduction which I believe will add more understanding right at the beginning of the book as to how I channeled my husband's words. Here is the paragraph:

Let me attempt to answer the eminent question you must be thinking: How did I receive the channeled words so clearly from my departed husband? As I sat at my computer each session to channel David’s words, I allowed myself to leave my body insomuch as to join with the silence within my mind. In this state of consciousness, I listened to the birds singing outside my office window and to the not-so-silent inner ego I needed to tame which sat perched and ready to change the words which might enter my consciousness. Here is where I met my beloved--between the worlds. I released all form of doubt, all fear of failing to hear David’s words stream through my mind. When I had allowed myself to be in this frame of silence…David’s words tumbled into my senses. His words came like a flood targeting their own destination of my waiting fingertips posed gently, but firmly, against the letters of my keyboard.

I am so honored to have received the Reviews of the book I have so far! Here are a few of them:

“Every once in a while you read a book that takes you beyond the edge of the known and into the timeless realm of the soul. The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is one of those special books. It takes the reader on a spiritual journey through life after life, weaving a tale of relationships that is like a Navajo rug. Seen from the bottom there are multiple threads. Seen from above a pattern of stunning beauty emerges, a story of love that is stronger than death. Dr. Sinor and her departed husband's personal life pact unfolds as a spiritual memoir that uplifts and inspires uniting past, present, and future.”
~Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author

"A profoundly intimate and poignant account of a deeply loving couple whose love and connection remain true and flowing across time, space, life, and death. I have never seen a book about channeled information written in quite this way and it strikes me as very effective and moving. Dr. Sinor's book provides a clear example of the phenomenon of channeling, and the spiritual education and satisfaction that can come from recognizing ourselves as eternal beings with many lifetimes of growth and experience."
~JP Van Hulle, Michael Channel, Author
Michael: The Basic Teachings

“Having a glimpse into the message of The Pact from its Introduction, I moved cautiously into its reading. As the author, Barbara Sinor, encourages the reader to remain open, I worked hard at suspending my belief systems while challenging myself to take a deeply moving and thought-provoking journey with her. I was not disappointed. Sinor weaves together a tapestry of exotic narratives from her lifetimes (past lives) into her present life journey, blending themes of living, loving, dying, and believing. Depending on how the reader approaches The Pact will determine the lessons gleaned from it and their degree of impact. This, I believe, is the beauty of the book. Although my belief systems vary greatly from Sinor’s, I resonated with her enduring love story that transcends eternity. With her timeless connection to her earthly departed husband, Sinor’s writing gifts readers with a path to healing and most importantly to hope.”
~Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT, author
Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back…One Breath at a Time

The excitement is mounting as these next few months unfold with more editing, choosing the cover artwork, and writing up Press Releases. Stay tuned to this Blog for the latest details about The Pact: Messages from the Other Side.

Enjoy the cool Fall weather my friends,

August 03, 2013

Mid-Summer Catch Up!

Happy August Everyone!

I am not sure where the summer has gone, but there is only one more month of it!

My life has been consumed with writing! Not that I am complaining, I love to write. In fact, sometimes I can’t believe how easily my words are flowing to me lately.

I have completed The Pact and I am busily working on Finding Destiny. These two books are miles apart in theme and writing technique; the latter title is my first stab at writing a fiction novel. There is certainly an unique approach to writing a fiction as apposed to a nonfiction book. Because there are characters in a fiction book, the author needs to be sure to introduce and describe each one so the reader can visualize them. Then there is the necessity to tell the reader where, when, why, and how the characters are involved in the story.

My days are spent writing in the mornings; eating lunch in or going out with friends; writing a bit more if the muse moves me; and then, settling down for the evening. Since I am not counseling any longer, my time is pretty much my own!

I did take some time off to join my daughter and grandson at Laguna Beach again this year. We had a great vacation together! My family has been addicted to the SoCal beaches for generations and I still love to visit when I can. Those of you who are my FaceBook friends have seen some of the photographs from those peaceful ten days.

Just to keep whetting your reading appetites, here is a bit more from my book, The Pact:

“I awoke with a jerk, keeping my eyes closed so I would not forget the dream so fresh in my consciousness. As I lay in bed remembering the visions of a lifetime from so long ago, I gently opened my eyes while reaching for the pen and tablet I purposefully laid out the night before. Eagerly, I began to write. I wrote for hours early that morning and again late into the night. I knew from past experience that if I did not go-with-the-flow of a writer’s vision, it would be tucked in the recesses of my mind only to be lost forever. So, I wrote down all I could remember of the convincing dream I had experienced early that morning.”

Until my next post, sweet dreams everyone!

June 21, 2013

The Pact: Messages from the Other Side

Hello Fellow Adventurers!
Just a quick update about The Pact. It is now in the hands of chosen Reviewers who will read the manuscript and write their reviews. The deadline is set for October 1st. When I have the reviews, the manuscript will be sent to my publisher!! Hopefully, he will love it and agree to release it early next year.

Here is the book's Introduction for you to preview!


             Beyond our reality of daily lives that are busy with getting an education, raising a family, and securing employment to sustain our desires, there is a spiritual life silently unfolding. Our spiritual views can be as diverse as there are people on the planet. Different types of spiritual and religious beliefs possess words and rituals used to sustain each system to bring people together for the sole pleasure of worshipping a Divine Source. Even if one does not have a spiritual belief system that is a spiritual belief in itself.

            Belief comes from our mind, a human concept that is guided by our physicality, or brain. The renowned Theoretical Quantum Physicist Amit Goswami stated so clearly, “Consciousness is the ground of being--not the brain. The brain is made of consciousness, but consciousness is not made from the brain.” Whatever your belief in the nature of being, there can be an appreciation of open-mindedness to the concept of a soul’s progression after death. Spiritual teacher Ram Dass explores this topic openly when he writes:

            People ask me, “Do you believe that there is continuity after death?” And I say, “I don’t believe it. It just is.” That offends my scientific friends no end. But belief is something you hold on to with your intellect. My faith in the continuity of life has gone way beyond the intellect. Belief is a problem because it is rooted in the mind, and in the process of death, the mind crumbles. Faith, consciousness, and awareness all exist beyond the thinking mind.

            During my life, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore many of the religious views found on Earth, and I find they ultimately covet sister and brotherhood through Love. Whether a religious system proclaims a belief in reincarnation or not, we must ask ourselves the same questions. The Theosophical teachings founded in 1875, provide these spiritual ponderings:  How can we believe that souls are created at a certain point in time, and yet live forever? How can a soul survive the body, but not pre-exist it? How can one soul live for over seventy years within a body, then drift into insignificance at the death of the host body? Perhaps questions such as these will never be thoroughly answered to our satisfaction, however, you may find some answers within this book. My chosen belief system encompasses a broad view of East and West thinking which has sustained my compassionate and positive attitude toward all life. My late husband and I had made a Pact that whoever passed away first would connect with the other to confirm, or not, my belief in an afterlife and the laws of reincarnation.

            The writing of The Pact has been a collaboration between myself and the channeled words of my husband. For those who are not familiar with the concept of channeling, it can be accomplished through techniques such as mediumship, automatic writing and drawing, intuitive sensory perception, and various other means. I channeled my husband’s words during meditations that are found in the chapter titled Channeling David’s Story of Heaven. In Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen, I offer this personal process in more detail. This book is my gift to those who decide to take a journey with me to explore the reality of reincarnation.

            As you read through The Pact, keep your spiritual mind open. Search your inner self for answers to the many questions your mind will no doubt put before you. Tap into your subconscious mind as you unfold and search your own dreams, visions, and meditations which may visit you while reading this book. As each story touches your heart, allow your own lifetime review to surface. At the back of the book is a glossary called the Lifetime Identification Chart. This chart can be used to help guide you through many of my soul’s adventures.
I am looking forward to your responses to this metaphysical memoir when it is released!
Peace & Blessings,

June 09, 2013

I am Loving Writing Again!

Hello Fellow Adventurers!
My days are filled with writing and I am enjoying each one. The words are flowing through my mind with ease...not always the case for an author!

The completed manuscript, The Pact, is still in editing. As soon as I receive it and make the necessary changes, it will be sent out for Reviews to those who have graciously agreed to read it and offer their comments. I am hoping to have it released the beginning of next year! You can read more about this personal metaphysical memoir in my previous posts.

Currently, my creative attention is consumed with my very first fiction novel! I have to say, it is unwinding on its own...the storyline keeps changing! Sometimes, I wonder "who" is writing this book? The title, as I mentioned earlier, is Finding Destiny.

I would like to share what I believe will be the intriguing cover blurb. Let me know if it spurs your curiousity.

When life throws us a curve, is it best to dive into a corner to retreat until the frayed ends of an unknown world are magically mended? We have all tried this rouse, it usually does not unwind the dramas which so cleverly worked their way into our lives. No, retreat is not a decision for brave women who meet each day armed with an inner mantra to squeeze every drop of existence and joie de vivre! from their being. Destiny was one of those young women who accepted Fate’s responsibility, properly carrying it upon her shoulders to climb over each obstruction placed in her path. She had learned to stare Fear in the eye, defying his stubborn stance to reach from deep within for enough self-love to snide his confrontation. Yes, Destiny was a rare young woman, indeed.

I will be working on this book for the next year, but I will share tidbits with you along the way. Enjoy your life, my friends...find a creative outlet and allow the juices flow from within you!
In Love & Light,

April 18, 2013

"Inspirational Recovery Cards"

The "Inspirational Recovery Cards" are now availble FREE on my web site!

Go to my web site below, scroll down to the White Buddha, and you will be taken to a page filled with a deck of cards with a Blue Buddha on the front side. Hold a thought, issue, or question in your mind and click on any Buddha to receive an insight, message, direction, psychic intuitive reading, and much more to help guide you on your path!!

Enjoy this page anytime as many times as you wish!!

All the text on the cards has been taken from my book An Inspirational Guide for the Recovering Soul. This book is a 300 page "open to any page" inspirational book available on my web site and other online bookstores.

Have fun with this new divining tool!!

Here is a link: 


April 06, 2013

Catching Up!!

Hello Adventurers!
It has been a while since my last post here. I have been so busy completing my next book the months seem to drift by without my noticing!

The manuscript is being edited now and this summer I will make final changes to it and then approach others for a Review or Cover Blurbs. Again, this book's title is The Pact: Messages from the Other Side. I can't wait for you all to read it! Please read the previous entry below to get a better concept of this book's contents.

After completing the book, I found myself a bit out-of-sorts and wasn't sure why...then I realized I had nothing to create, the book was finished! So, I did a meditation asking the universe if I was suppose to write another book, to please give me an idea. It came to me two nights later during the middle of the night. That day, I began a new manuscript!

I am really having fun with this new writing because it is my first "fiction novel." I have a working title of Finding Destiny. Yes, it has drama, metaphysical insight, poetic prose, and answers to eternal questions of life and death--you know I can't write something without some meaning to it!

I will try to keep this Blog more updated as the year passes. I honor you and send you all blessing of gratitude for following my writing endeavors.


March 26, 2013

New Book Almost Completed!

Hello dear Adventurers!
I am writing to let you know my next book is nearly finished! I have a working title of: The Pact: Messages From the Other Side. It is in final edits and out of my hands for the time being which gives me a chance to reflect on what I have written. The next step is to inquire chosen friends and professionals to read it and write Reviews. I have a list of people in front of me and I am hoping at least a half dozen will have the time to give me a Review.

Here is a description of the book's contents:

"The Pact takes the reader on an adventure through time weaving tales of love and determination. A vow between two souls find us tracing the steps of present and past lifetimes devoted to uncovering the mysterious cycles of life, birth, death, and rebirth. Join the author as she searches with her departed husband to reveal their souls’ explorations through time and space. The Pact is a fascinating mixture of memoir accounts and lifetime narratives reconstructed to allow the reader a glimpse into the metaphysics of life."

I hope this stimulates your curiosity a bit! This Blog will take you through the next stages to the book's publication.