January 05, 2014

Presenting My Newest Book's Cover!

Announcing the book cover for my upcoming book


 Click Here:  To be released April 2014

Here are a few new pre-publication endorsement reviews:

“Most of us only get a glimpse of our karmic trail in the life we are living; yet in The Pact, Dr. Sinor offers some of her soul lineage via channeling from the other side. By dancing back and forth, past and present, the reader indulges in a time machine effect that is entrancingly entertaining. I found the overall thread of past lives to not only be credible by way of interconnectedness to other souls, but also by virtue of the fact the author consistently pursues healing people both physically and psychologically. The different lifetimes will fascinate the reader from a myriad of experiences and historical viewpoints offering a window into many interesting cultures that have long since pasted. Only a seasoned veteran of authoring multiple books could weave such an enlightening manuscript. I highly recommend The Pact: Messages from the Other Side.”
~Celeste Palmer, author
The Follies of Free Love

The Pact is a beautifully written account of communication with one who has passed. In a thought provoking way, Sinor relates a journey of lifetimes with her husband, and in so doing, assists us in asking the question, ‘Can we also communicate with our loved ones?’ Sinor helps us to lighten the veil between ourselves and the other side and to assist us in our search for answers about our own path on this journey of lifetimes. A wonderful book!”
~Rev. Patricia Haller, Unity Minister

I will bring you new details soon!
Love & Light,