February 22, 2014

Quotable quotes...

Here are a few quotes from 

The Pact: Messages from the Other Side

"Dreams come from a crossover between the conscious, subconscious, and the superconscious states of awareness. In other words, dreams form in your brain and contain many images from your waking state, conscious memory; they can also join with images from the superconscious, or Higher Self. Dreams are a result of your brain’s activity and your soul’s sensitivity."


"If I focus on you and Earth, I sense your form and your soul. If I focus on my Soul Being, I sense activities of all sorts, some dense and some only Light or emanations of Light. It is most beautiful Barbara…most beautiful."

Until we meet again,
The book's web page:  "The Pact"  

February 03, 2014

Book Launch Date

Announcing the release date for The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is

April 15th

The book will be available in all online bookstores, as well as, available to order in most local book stores. It will be available to be ordered as an eBook for all eReaders and iPhones. I will post more updates as the weeks near the publication date.

Many of you have asked for more excerpts from The Pact so here are a few paragraphs from the channeling section of the book.

*My question: What can you tell me about angels?
            What you term as angels are in fact beings of Light that choose not to incarnate into life forms of any kind. They are like messengers from the Oneness which can choose to stay near and help guide others on many realms of existence. The depictions of angels flying around with wings that Earth’s artists have rendered are somewhat accurate. Angels hover at a high vibration and can translocate, as souls can. They do not have wings as you envision it. The name angel comes from the term angelic which speaks of the Oneness. Angels are real in the sense that they have an impact on all beings.
            Many angels choose to remain close to only a few life forms for their entire lifetime, while others choose to emit their guiding Light toward groups of beings. Many humans have been able to sense the angels around them or others. This sensing can be shared by holding the hand of the one intuiting. Another method to sense the angels is to sit in silence, ask for direction from your angels, and intuit your visions. These beings of Light will always be with you Barbara…they can easily be sensed, just envision them.

Until we meet again,