October 05, 2011

October Numerology Reading

I am sharing my reading for October through the wonderful Numerologist Christine DeLory.
It is so spot-on for my healing recovery from the loss of my husband a few months ago. You can find your own numbers and readings through Christine's web site at:

The quest for certainty blocks the search for
meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition
which impels people to unfold their powers.
Eric Fromm

Wherever you have been pushing too hard, life will find a way to stop you from doing so this month. But don’t let it come to that. Stop trying to force your way ahead. You will achieve more by calming everything down, reducing the pressure on all concerned, including yourself, and simply accepting October’s diversions as they occur. Take one day at a time, and know that it is natural for you to be feeling highly sensitive, emotional and responsive right now. Attention to detail, patience, unity, and a truly caring attitude will serve you well.

Your physical body may experience unfamiliar sensations this month because it is feeling the effect of certain emotions that are pushing outwardly in an effort to free themselves. Remember that stress, (including physical pain), does not come from the emotions themselves, but from the level of resistance we put up against feeling them. No matter how ‘negative’ your feelings seem, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to let yourself feel whatever is in there, express those feelings outwardly, privately and safely, let them go, and RELAX. Give yourself this kindness.

#1 is the number of ego and the sensitive energies of October are likely to effect yours substantially. Notice where you have been competing without even realizing it and, then, notice how your stress (and pain) is reduced when you replace rivalry and competition with patience and cooperation.

Stop trying to live up to other people’s ideals. Some of the greatest contributions to life have been made by people who ignored society’s ‘rules’ and simply did what they felt to be right.

Be tactful and helpful. This is not a matter of denying your own feelings, thoughts and needs, but of discovering what your current feelings, thoughts and needs actually are.

Others may be finding you difficult to relate to, or to understand what you are experiencing. You want them to be patient with you, but you will also need to be patient with them. More than anything, you must be patient with yourself and your own progress. Stop trying to push against forces which, at this time, you simply do not have the power to change. Make no major decisions because you will probably feel differently by the end of the month.

You now have a chance to form some kind of partnership in which individual talents can be combined. Cooperation is a two way street and, no matter who else is involved, each must feel free to request and give cooperation as needed. Trust is essential. Try to provide an atmosphere in which everyone can feel at ease, and you will find that the wheels of progress turn smoothly, instead of getting snagged on each other's insecurities, fears, resentment, impatience, or different viewpoints.

Slow it all down. You are experiencing a major transformation in your life. A new reality - a new beginning. Let it unfold as it needs to and you will experience the evolutionary power of your own patience.

October's slower and humbler pace will help you to heal, emotionally, mentally, and physically from the impact of past events - and you do need to heal from them. Don't overreact to what seems to be taking the focus away from you or your plans. This is happening to improve your overall timing. Instead of taking center stage, use this month to prepare for some kind of ‘entrance’ or ‘exit’ in November.

There is no need to avoid issues or people now. Face them and tactfully express where you stand and how you feel. Before you can move on, you need to relax with the people and situations that influence your life. Give them your support; listen to them; cooperate with them; focus on them; include them.

With the help of all my family andf friends, and inspirational people like Christine, I am learning to start a new life and a New Beginning.
Love & Joy,
Web Site: http://www.drsinor.com/

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