June 09, 2013

I am Loving Writing Again!

Hello Fellow Adventurers!
My days are filled with writing and I am enjoying each one. The words are flowing through my mind with ease...not always the case for an author!

The completed manuscript, The Pact, is still in editing. As soon as I receive it and make the necessary changes, it will be sent out for Reviews to those who have graciously agreed to read it and offer their comments. I am hoping to have it released the beginning of next year! You can read more about this personal metaphysical memoir in my previous posts.

Currently, my creative attention is consumed with my very first fiction novel! I have to say, it is unwinding on its own...the storyline keeps changing! Sometimes, I wonder "who" is writing this book? The title, as I mentioned earlier, is Finding Destiny.

I would like to share what I believe will be the intriguing cover blurb. Let me know if it spurs your curiousity.

When life throws us a curve, is it best to dive into a corner to retreat until the frayed ends of an unknown world are magically mended? We have all tried this rouse, it usually does not unwind the dramas which so cleverly worked their way into our lives. No, retreat is not a decision for brave women who meet each day armed with an inner mantra to squeeze every drop of existence and joie de vivre! from their being. Destiny was one of those young women who accepted Fate’s responsibility, properly carrying it upon her shoulders to climb over each obstruction placed in her path. She had learned to stare Fear in the eye, defying his stubborn stance to reach from deep within for enough self-love to snide his confrontation. Yes, Destiny was a rare young woman, indeed.

I will be working on this book for the next year, but I will share tidbits with you along the way. Enjoy your life, my friends...find a creative outlet and allow the juices flow from within you!
In Love & Light,

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