December 06, 2013

Back Cover Blurb!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!
Many of you have asked me how I received the channeled words from my dear departed husband, David. I will share with you a paragraph I added to the Introduction of the book which explains this; there is also more details about my channeling toward the back of the book.

"How did I receive the channeled words so clearly from my departed husband? As I sat at my computer each session, I allowed myself to leave my body insomuch as to join with the silence within my mind. In this state of consciousness, I closed my eyes and listened only to the birds singing outside my office window. I also realized a not-so-silent inner-ego, which I found I had to tame to make sure I did not change any of David’s channeled words. Here is where I met my beloved--between the worlds. I released all form of doubt; I released my questioning of what I was undertaking, and all fears of failing to hear David’s words stream through my mind. When I had allowed myself to be in this frame of silence…David’s words tumbled into my senses. His words came like a flood targeting their own destination of my waiting fingertips posed gently, but firmly, against the letters on my keyboard."

The luanch for The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is still on time--April 2014. The book's cover art has been chosen, and here is what the back cover quote states:

"The Pact: Messages from the Other Side takes the reader on an adventure through time while weaving tales of love and determination. A vow between the author and her husband finds us tracing the steps of present and past lifetimes devoted to uncovering the mysterious cycles of life, birth, death, and rebirth. Barbara shares the stories of some of her past lives and the insight she gained by channeling her departed husband’s words. She shares lifetimes spent in Atlantis and Egypt, as well as, many other time periods. Barbara’s stories resonate with readers because of their integrity, detail, documentation, and the sincerity with which they are expressed. Join the author as she searches with her departed husband to reveal their souls’ explorations through time and space. The Pact is a fascinating mixture of contemporary memoir and past life narratives reconstructed to allow the reader a glimpse into the metaphysics of life."

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Have a blessed Holiday Season,

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