June 01, 2015

Announcing A New Title!

New Manuscript Just Completed

Finding Destiny is the title of my newest manuscript completed in of May 2015. This title does not yet have a publisher, but I will be searching for one to release it as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will post excerpts here to introduce you to the storyline and characters within the book.

Finding Destiny is my first fiction novel and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it as it seemed to flow naturally through my conscious awareness. The story contains two main heroines; one an older woman living in the United States in current time, and the other a teenager beginning her long life's journey while living in England during the 1970s forward. These two intriguing women's lives mysteriously intertwine throughout the book.

Finding Destiny is a book within a book. It takes its reader on an inner adventure of experiencing and remembering pain, and celebrating life's triumphs. It is written with an abundant poetic prose to arouse the senses, and brings many spiritual insights to its reader's awareness. Here is a look at one of the characters in the book:

When life throws us a curve, is it best to hide in a delusion of retreat until the frayed ends of an unknown world are magically mended? We have all attempted this rouse. Usually, the refuge does not unwind the dramas that so cleverly worked their way into our lives. No, retreat is not a decision for brave women who meet each day armed with an inner mantra to squeeze every drop of existence and joie de vivre! from their being. Destiny is one of those young women who accepts Fate’s responsibility, properly carrying it upon her shoulders to climb over each obstruction placed on her path. She has learned to stare Fear in the eye, defying its stubborn stance to reach from deep within for enough self-love to snide its confrontation. Yes, Destiny is a rare young woman indeed.
copyrighted material @ BSinor 2015

Enjoy reading the excerpts I post here, and I will announce when this metaphysical novel finds its publisher. If I am really lucky, it will be released in 2016!


The book cover showing to the right is not the cover of this new book...I am working on a cover now! The Pact was published in 2014 and is available worldwide.

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