May 23, 2016

Back Cover Book Description

      It's official--below will be the description printed on the back cover of 

Finding Destiny

Luana, a retired psychotherapist in southern California, discovers a novel about a girl living in England in the 1970s who has been raped. As Luana devours the book, she and the heroine psychically share their search for the inner most harbor of women's life choices. Even though they live in separate countries and bridge many decades in time, their individual exploration of metaphysics, spirituality, and women's rights culminates in a unique friendship.


      Finding Destiny draws you into the inner most harbor of women’s life choices. Bridging many decades, the storyline explores the never-ending struggle for women’s rights.

     Finding Destiny contains a book within a book about two woman whose lives intertwine as they reveal their life challenges. The heroines live in separate countries with an age difference of over fifty years at the onset of this impelling tale. Together the women share their journeys with open discussion to bare themselves to the reader’s discernment, and it becomes evident that a passion for life keeps them searching ever forward to reveal their true destinies.
*Release date September 1st

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