August 09, 2010

New Review!!

Hello Everyone!
The "Fresno Book Review" just posted/printed a great Review of Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery!! Please take a look:

I am very happy that this healing book is being received by the public critics so positively. Our nation is crying for help with its addiction trauma. And, I am afraid it will even increase when our troops come home from one of the largest producers of heroin substances. But not all illegal drugs are made in foreign countries, Americans are readily consuming prescription drugs to the point of a large increase of addiction to medications. Visit the web site below and left "Dad on Fire" to read the latest information about our nation's sad addiction population.

If you haven't visited my web site lately, please do. I have added archived Radio Interviews from the past few months and listed new ones coming up. You can also go to any of my books' individual pages to read more articles and interviews. Thank you also, for leaving your comments here.
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