August 29, 2010

San Francisco Book Review!

A new Review was just published for Tales of Addiction in the San Francisco and Sacramento Book Review! I am so pleased that the public and addiction professionals are receiving this book positively.

I was also interviewed recently by Chris Schroeder for his online radio show "Afflicted & Affected by Addiction." The interview will air online in September. I will be sure to announce the date and post it here and on my web site:  Inspiration for Recovery 

September is National Recovery Month and will be celebrated nationwide with events, runs/walks, conferences, fairs and groups. To learn more where there is an event close to you visit this site:
There will be thousands gathering all month to celebrate those in recovery and those with loved ones in recovery. In my own county of Lake, California, we will be honoring those in recovery with a walk/hike from one park to another in the city of Clearlake on September 11th. There will be vendors, booths, literature, music, and food!

Enjoy these last few days of summer weather!
Love & Light,

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