January 07, 2010

Countdown to New Book Release!

The twelfth week of my countdown has vanished! Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery is receiving extraordinary advance Reviews. I am so very grateful for the professionals who have taken time from their busy lives to read my book and offer such heart-felt praise. Below is a Review from Ellen DiNucci, M.A. who is the former Project Coordinator & Researcher for Stanford University’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program. Tales of Addiction holds genuine insight into our addiction population, enjoy reading this preview of the book.

Tales of Addiction features an array of gut-wrenching yet heart-warming narratives by people with long-standing addiction issues. Weaving the unedited stories into a theme of upliftment and hope are Dr. Sinor’s astute commentaries and observations. The stories are riveting, each starting out with family history that is inevitably pivotal to the storyteller’s current situation. A must read for those with addiction issues and their families, Tales of Addiction is gripping because of its raw emotions and is effective precisely because of its variety and emotional power. It is a rare opportunity for helping professionals and lay people to perceive the common threads among all addictions, in the context of very compelling stories that make the lessons learned along the road to recovery memorable. Though suffering is a component of the stories, hope, insight and unconditional love are among some of the central ingredients to addicts’ maneuvering the labyrinth of recovery while giving back to family, community, and themselves.”

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