January 15, 2010

Countdown to New Book Release!

I hope you all are enjoying this exciting countdown to the release of Tales of Addiction! I have been overwhelmed with support for this new publication. My wonderful publisher, Victor at Loving Healing Press, Inc. is working closely with me to make this book exactly what I envision. The book's cover is a photograph titled "Lake Bottom" and is one I took of our little community lake. I felt this picture could represent many of the stages of addiction recovery--from rock bottom to floating free.

The book's advance Reviews are still trickling in from those professionals who were invited to read an unedited preview of the book. Below I have posted another one of the great Reviews for you to read!

“In any healing process, the individual must first tell their story and become conscious of the core issues that precipitated their wounding. Once the story has been told, the work of healing and recovery can begin. Tales of Addiction provides this avenue for courageous story telling; one is struck both with the pain and suffering that was experienced, and also the hope for a healthier future. Dr. Sinor provides insight into the addiction process and the path to recovery pulling from behavioral theory, recovery philosophy, and the new understandings from the world of physics and spiritual development. Sinor provides a platform for those needing help on their journey to high level wellness.”

Leslie Lovejoy, Ph.D., Wellness Coach and Consultant, Author,
Create Your Health Using the Five Keys to Wellness

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