January 23, 2010

Counting Down My New Book's Release


My new website is now ready to view! I have updated my site to include more pages, more articles, and more about me and my work. Each of my five books have their own page with book excerpts, reviews, and personal information shared by me about my writing. The new Menu at the top of the site is easy to use and there is now a Tab to “Buy Books” online through Amazon.com. Please visit often for I will post new book events and online radio interviews as the release of Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery nears.
Please visit (or re-visit!) my website: Inspiration for Recovery

Here is another great Advance Review for this book:

“Addiction is a disease that often doesn't present itself in a form that onlookers notice; it's often hidden by the addict or his family, to a point even the closest friends and family don't know about it or even realize there is a problem. As I read each story in Tales of Addiction by Dr. Barbara Sinor, I felt the pain, dismay, denial, and hopelessness of each writer. Some stories are just down-right difficult to read and offered much contemplation as I reflected back on my own life and experiences. Yet, every one of the stories offers hope. The reader gets the distinct guidance that a shift happens and the addiction becomes real and many times recovery ensues. This goes for both the addict and the family member. Just because we don't have a substance addiction, it doesn't mean we aren't susceptible to enabling, which ends up being an addiction in itself. Poignant, reflective, and offering the knowledge there is hope and recovery, Tales of Addiction gives the reader the sense they are not alone. But most of all, the stories reflect compassion and in the end, the true identity of each person.”
~Irene Watson, M.A., Author, The Sitting Swing: Wisdom to Know the Difference and Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Families

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