March 22, 2010

Counting Down to Book Launch!

I have one of Josh Groban’s songs flowing from my computer as I write this Blog this morning. The song is “Don’t Give Up.” This song rang true for my son and myself to sing together--I am always telling others ‘not to give up’ in their pursuit to sobriety on the recovery path. Groban instructs us with his lyrics that “You are loved/Everyone needs to be heard/Don’t give up.” I play this song for clients and at lectures to assure everyone, no matter where they are in their struggle against drugs and/or alcohol addiction they are loved, do not give up on your Self. If you have not heard this song, it is on Groban’s album titled “Awake.” I hope you all get a chance to hear it!

Spring has arrived… I sit and ponder the wonder of nature and its healing properties. If we sit in the silence to truly listen to the sounds around us, magic enters our lives. There is magic in nature--magic of life, death, and re-birth. Spring is the season of life and re-birth. There are new buds, seedlings, flowers, leaves, and new baby fawn, rabbits, and squirrel are roaming the hills. Spring is an opportune time to begin anew; to start a new project, or challenge your Self to follow a new ideal or purpose for your life. Spring is a time for clearing out the old, the out-dated habits and behavior, and form fresh ideas of creativity in life.

I am developing a deck of “Inspirational Recovery CardsTM” which contain spiritual quotes and insight. They can be used for addiction recovery or any past traumatic experience including childhood abuse, natural disasters, and loss of loved ones. To guide you toward a new path, new choices for your life, you can enlist this card’s advice for a Spring ritual:

“Start a new Journal. A very special one,
for it is to hold only those things which are Positive.
Include in this Journal the positive ‘pat-on-the-back’
given you by your friends; the positive thoughts about
your life which you let surface now and then;
and the kind words you have given or received.
Fill the pages of this new Journal full of positive events,
tales, hopes, feelings, dreams, and experiences
affirming your indisputable right to happiness.”

New week, I will post a Free Book Drawing--don’t miss out!
Love & Light,

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