March 01, 2010

Countdown's Time for Reflection

I came across an article I wrote several years ago--re-read it--then I began questioning myself. The article is “The Unity of Past, Present, & Future.” You can find and read this article on my web site listed below. Basically, I tried to weave a few universal laws into a short, readable two pages--an impossibility of course! However, as I read the paragraph which referred to “…Einstein's Theory of Relativity which tells us that there is no such thing as linear time as we know it; but that all experiences, all events, are actually happening simultaneously,” I felt a shift happen inside. I began an inner dialogue of questions:

~ if all events are happening at once, why can’t we “see” the events that are causing us struggle and pain, then change automatically them?

~ if there is no time, no space, only a cyclic pattern of experiences, then why can’t we change our addiction behaviors anytime we desire?

~ if linear time is man-made, not universally a law of nature, then we should be able to stop our minds whenever we wish to change the patterns and life scripts which cause us pain and suffering, right?

Mind you, I have no answers to my mind-rummage--only questions! However, this article has some very interesting theories, maybe even answers. In another part of this article I write: “Unity is wholeness. Wholeness is Oneness. Of course, we can choose to see duality in our world; it is projected all around us as heaven vs. hell, good vs. evil, spirit vs. matter, light vs. dark. I choose to believe in Oneness, the Unity of all, while at the same time each one of us individually is constantly moving toward becoming whole. I will leave you with one last thought: You cannot predict with certainly the outcome of any action, since that action changes the thing it acts upon. In your act of becoming, you change what you are.

Please stop by my web site to read all of this thought-provoking article: Inspiration for Recovery

The countdown for Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery continues this month as I await with excitement with you all. I will post another insightful advance Review next week to wet your appetite as you await the book’s launch the end of April. The list of dates for my promotional events is getting longer and can be found on the Welcome page of my web site above. Hopefully, I will be visiting your local area, or, you can listen to an online Radio Interview.

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