March 08, 2010

Seven Weeks and Counting!

Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery will be my first book to be released in a hardcover! This is such exciting news for me. I can just visualize each contributor holding this healing book in their hands and turning its pages for the first time eager to find their personal entry! Each addiction story in the book was written by an individual who has struggled with a drug and/or alcohol addiction, or been close to a loved one whose addiction affected them. Each story is filled with heartfelt and honest accounts of suffering, pain, and many times, hope and healing. Today, I want to thank each and every contributor who submitted their personal addiction story to be included in Tales of Addiction. With your life stories of struggle and pain, it is my hope that others will find hope in their own recovery from addiction.

As mentioned earlier, between the potent addiction stories found in Tales of Addiction, the reader will uncover many insights pertaining to drug and alcohol addiction, such as:

  • How an addict’s life begins
  • Understand the difficulties in taking initial steps to uncover denial
  • Intimate details of how many stay straight and sober
  • Gain a new perspective about our national addiction population
  • Learn why that Something More means so much to so many
  • What happens when the addict or alcoholic loses their battle
  • How you can help

In the next few weeks, I will be offering a Special Contest for all those following my book’s countdown Blog! Watch for it soon….


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