March 14, 2010

Marching Down the Countdown!

Hello Everyone!

It is mid-March already and Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery will be available for you to purchase soon! Shoot for the end of April to have it pop-up on and on your local bookstore shelves.

I have received a few more remarkable Advance Reviews for the book and have posted one more below for you to enjoy. An opportunity knocked at my door the other day, I met a delightful woman online (another Barbara!) who has mailed me purple and green wristbands to hand out to those who buy Tales of Addiction at my book signing events. The wristband states: No Shame, No Blame -- Just Love. I think these words make a positive impact on many levels to many individuals: Those who are struggling to become or stay sober; those with loved ones who are addicted and need to know they are loved; those who have had a friend or family member die from their addiction; and, those in recovery who strive to maintain their close relationships. Hope to see you at one of the book events and give you one of these meaningful wristbands in person.

Mark Thurston, Ph.D. is an educator, psychologist, and the author of nineteen books including Discovering Your Soul's Purpose, Willing To Change, and Synchronicity As Spiritual Guidance. He currently teaches courses about consciousness and positive psychology through the Introduction to the Personal Transformation And Courage Institute which he co-founded. Mark was kind enough to take the time to preview Tales of Addiction and offered this heartfelt Review:

Tales of Addiction is about courage--the true meaning of which is essential for our world to rediscover. And nowhere is courage more necessary than facing the demons of addiction. This inspiring and penetrating new book by Dr. Barbara Sinor shows us how we gather the courage and the force of will to make a transformational change. The key is listening to (or reading) each other’s stories, simply because narrative builds community, and community can be the supportive container that allows us to free ourselves from self-destructive patterns. Just from reading the stories that Dr. Sinor has collected, I can feel myself to be part of a healing community. These deeply honest and authentic personal accounts take me into my heart, reminding me how to understand and be compassionate towards addictions--not just those I encounter in others, but especially my own.”
Mark Thurston, Ph.D., Personal Transformation and Courage Institute
Author, Willing to Change: The Journey of Personal Transformation

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