April 29, 2010

Tales of Addiction is Here!

Yeah!!!  Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery is here... on May 1st you can go to your local bookstore and order it to be on the shelf! Also, you will be able to buy it online. When Amazon gets it online, I will let you all know here.

Here is one of the Press Releases which came out today:  Tales of Addiction Release

When you get your copy and begin reading, please let me know what you feel about it. If you are coming to any of the book launch events, do introduce yourself. I will be giving free wristbands and 'bookthongs' (bookmarks!) I made with each purchased copy.

I thank everyone one of you who have been riding this emotional book Blog with me from the beginning. Writing a book and going through the ordeal of getting it out to the public is a long process, I really appreciate everyone 'being there' for me.

Extra "thanks" to all those professionals who took the time to preread the manuscript and offer your Advance Review. And, thank you Dr. Nuckols for your contribution of a great Foreword for this book!

*I see Amazon has some information up now (no picture yet though) Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery: Twenty True Stories from the Soul  Wow! see if you can order today!!
Love & Light,

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