April 17, 2010


Hello Everyone!
Here is a link to the latest online radio interview I did on “Living Out Loud” regarding Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery. The show is archived so you can still listen to it.

I also had an article on Addiction in America printed in the new issue of “Recovering the Self” magazine. You can scan the new issue from this link:   Recovering the Self

The RTS magazine is available to buy on Amazon and other online sites, as well as, your favorite bookstores. I write for this insightful and inspiring magazine which is released quarterly.

Recently, I was asked to speak at the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Clearlake, CA to their teenage members. I look forward to sharing my experience and the contents of Tales of Addiction to this younger group of individuals. It is so important that we all take the time to educate our younger population to the perils of drug and alcohol abuse.

I am told that the release date for Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery will be at the end of this month, barring any unforeseen issues. This is a lesson in patience for sure! Stop back soon, I will be posting an excerpt from the book.

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