April 03, 2010

My Favorite Advance Book Review!

Just over two weeks left to the launch of Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery! I am getting very excited as the release of this healing book nears.

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I want to share with you today one of my favorite advance book Reviews for Tales of Addiction. It was written by Bill Ford who is the creator of DadonFire.net. His courageous Blog was initiated due to his struggle with his son’s drug addiction. Bill writes and posts addiction recovery material that is up-to-date and factual. I recommend it to anyone wanting more information on drug and alcohol addiction. Here is Bill’s heartfelt review of Tales of Addiction:

“Once in a blue moon, I read a book that culminates in a poignancy by sharing a powerful experience. Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery is one such book: Here is a story and message amidst all of our stories; here is hope set against great challenges in the world of addiction and recovery; here is a legacy of understanding. Tales of Addiction is not just a collection of deep insight and personal accounts of tearful relapse and recovery, it is craftsmanship. Author, Barbara Sinor is a well read specialist in a world coming to grips with the disease of addiction. She offers her own valuable background of relatedness and heartened familiarity, artfully sharing all of this is the book’s strength.

Like a tapestry, this book works by holding the reader’s interest with unique tales smoothly interwoven with both a spiritual and intellectual thought process. Sinor progressively weaves the details of her life and practical wisdom in-and-out of the book’s logical succession and its acumen of the disease of addiction. The reader feels her deep and intelligent reflection accompanying each precious contribution of struggle and uncertain recovery. Some make it; others may not, you begin to know this. You feel your own relatedness and in the last chapters, the reader enters the author’s space hearing the breaking news of a sudden culmination of one very special story and a legacy that lives on in her. Sinor’s book pushes forward with exigency and hope.

Tales of Addiction resonates a message to all impacted by the world of drugs and alcohol: It is a world of possibility and joy; it is a world of shocking sadness; it is a world of conquest. One poignant message from the book is that no matter what, a single addict’s life is still sacred and knowing this captures a moment in time. Sinor invites the reader to share in her well of knowledge, reputation and work in the field of addiction and recovery. She expresses touching wisdom gained from her own life experience while delivering generous individual contributions written by people like you and I. Tales of Addiction instills there is no right or wrong; there is the possibility of helping just one more person; there is the possibility of coming to terms with this single moment, just for today.”
Bill Ford, Addiction Recovery Blog

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